About Us


INTERLACED is a media and events platform highlighting the most innovative developments for the future of fashion, retail and beauty.
We are dedicated to inspire, educate, communicate and question the shifts in the industry, creating a hub for curious minds. Our aim is to accelerate adoption of the next wave of fashion.
INTERLACED is built on the notion that in order to speed up innovation within fashion houses and technology companies, an increasing demand from the consumer needs to be apparent.


Through thought-provoking content, event curation, mentorship and educational activities, among others, INTERLACED bridges the gap between the industry, academic and the wider public by bringing them together and acting as a catalyst for multidisciplinary collaborations.


We believe the future of fashion is open, co-created with multiple stakeholders from multiple industries. Through everything we do, we aim to bring different, yet similar individuals and companies together to discuss, inspire and collaborate for a brighter fashion future.

About The Founder

Kristina Dimitrova

CEO, Founder

Kristina’s passions have always revolved around the intersection of business and creativity. She has background in marketing strategy, trend forecasting and account agency experience, including working with clients from luxury, fashion, FMCG, education and media industries.

Kristina conceptualised INTERLACED in late 2014 and launched it to the world in 2015, together with Karina Abu Eshe and Hristiyan Pavlov. Since then, INTERLACED has become one of the top news sources and event curators in the fashion tech, retail and startup ecosystem.

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